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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ISTQB Preparation Guide

ISTQB Preparation Guide

International Software Testing Qualification Board Exam Preparation Guide

The ISTQB was officially founded as an International Testing Qualifications Board in Edinburgh in November 2002 and it is responsible for the "ISTQB Certified Tester", which is an international qualification scheme. ISTQB Certification is available in two stages, Foundation Level and Advanced Level.

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Remember - "Certification exams do not measure the quality of a tester. Until they do, they merely facilitate discriminatory hiring practices." - James Bach

» which book to read for ISTQB Certification ?

Foundations Of Software Testing ISTQB Certification

By -

Dorothy Graham
Erik van Veenendaal
Isabel Evans
Rex Black

» General Guidelines for Preparing ISTQB Exam

  • 40 Questions
  • 65% pass mark
  • 90 minutes
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Only one correct answer
  • No negative marking
  • Paper/Pen based exam. Darken the appropriate circle
  • Not online
  • All questions from syllabus
  • Read the syllabus very carefully
  • Question breakup
    • 50% K1 (remember, recall type)
    • 30% K2 (Compare, contrast type)
    • 20% K3 (Analyze, apply type. Numerical type as well)
    • See syllabus for details on K levels

» Syllabus Breakup for ISTQB Preparation Material

The principles of testing

Terminology; why testing is necessary; fundamental test process; psychology of testing; re-testing and regression testing; expected results; prioritization.

Testing throughout the life-cycle

Models for testing; economics of testing; high level test planning; acceptance testing; integration testing in the large; functional and non-functional system testing; integration testing in the small; component testing; maintenance testing.

Static testing

Reviews and the test process; types of review; static analysis.

Test design techniques
Dynamic testing techniques, Black and white-box testing techniques; error guessing, BVA etc.

Test management

Organization; configuration management; test estimation, monitoring and control; incident management; standards for testing.

Tool support for testing

Types of CAST tool (Computer-Aided Software Testing); tool selection and implementation.

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» Sample Paper Download

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Number of Questions Expected from each chapter

The principles of testing


Testing throughout the life-cycle


Static testing


Test design techniques


Test management


Tool support for testing


» Tips and Tricks

  • ISTQB Questions are simple but answers are confusing at times. More than one correct answers possible. Choose the one which is more correct or correct in more scenarios.
  • Read the questions very carefully. Sometimes you might miss important words. Solve ISTQB Sample Papers frequently.
  • Do not jump to answer quickly. Go through all options before selecting one.
  • Look out for words like ALL, EVERY, NEVER etc. These might help you choose correct answer. For example, ALL bugs should be fixed is incorrect statement but bugs should be fixed is more correct and might indicate right choice.
  • Download ISTQB dumps and read the complete ISTQB syllabus.
  • Check ISTQB exam dates for your country and prepare in advance.

» ISTQB Advanced Level

Exam Guidelines and ISTQB Advanced Level sample papers will be added soon. Keep visiting this page for updates.

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