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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Software Testing Resume - How to write the best resume for software testing.

10 Best Guidelines for a Good Resume -
» Do not write the word 'Resume', 'CV' etc on the top of the resume. Instead write your name in bold letters. You may include your mobile number and email id for ready reference.
»Delete the career objective that you have copied from your friend's resume. Ask this to yourself – who does not want to work in a growth oriented company where he or she can utilize his or her skills to the fullest? Career object is just a waste of space and believe me, nobody reads that section.
»Include a two liner summary about your experience, skills, tools etc. so that the person reading your resume can know about your profile in 10 seconds.
»Remove all unnecessary information like father's name, hobbies, place of birth, schooling information etc. You will have enough time to give that information when you are selected.
»Structure the content of the resume based on your past experience such as skills, projects, education etc.
»Highlight your key skills and domain expertise. Talk about your USP and how you could add value to the organization that is recruiting you.
»The purpose of a resume is to generate enough interest in you to have a prospective employer contact you for an interview. Don’t fill the resume with too much information. Nobody will read a resume for more than 2-3 pages at the max.
»Use bullet points to convey information. Make information readily available to the recruiter. But be sure that whatever you have written in the resume, you will be able to explain it.
»Use a single font throughout the resume (Garamond, 12pt – my favorite). Do not use too much underline, bold and highlight in the resume.
»Get your resume reviewed by a friend or an expert. Take feedback and improve the resume. Use a good resume template suitable to your domain and update your resume frequently.