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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Test Management with QaTraq Pro

The Software and Hardware Test Management Solution

QaTraq Professional is one of the leading test case management tools available today. QaTraq Professional provides test teams all over the world with the tools they need to ensure they make the most of their test resources. By encouraging a structured approach to test management QaTraq Professional will help you increase productivity, improve visibility of your test progress and, ultimately, help you improve the quality of your product releases.

Centralised Test Information, Accessible Anywhere at Anytime

QaTraq Professional provides a single, central repository for critical test information and data for your whole team. With QaTraq Professional, remote and office based users can access, update and share centralised data in real time through a web browser (removing the need for the deployment of client software throughout an organisation).

Key QaTraq Professional Features QaTraq Professional provides you with extensive control over your test process. When you purchase the QaTraq Professional licences just some of the capabilities you gain are:

Test Scripts:
One of the key challenges for any test team is controlling and tracking the development of test scripts. How, for example, do you know when a test script is complete, reviewed and ready to run? Test Scripts and Test Script Templates allow you to divide your scripts into those that are still being developed and those that are ready to run. Furthermore you can even implement a test script review process for your team. All of this adds up to far more control and increased repeatability across your test process. Control and repeatability that is essential to the success of any test project.

With QaTraq Professional regression test sets you can quickly create sets of regression test scripts that can be, quickly and easily, distributed across your team. Sets are neatly linked in with Template Test Scripts so that only Templates that are ready for execution are distributed. Regression sets of test scripts can be built up from existing test scripts or created with links to templates. Either way you get complete control over who’s running which scripts, on which platforms for which versions of your software or hardware.

Professional Reports provide you with graphical reporting capabilities covering everything from identifying test coverage to tracking test completion status. This gives you the visibility needed to see exactly how your test projects are progressing.

Collating your Test Data to Pin Point Progress If you are searching for answers to some of the questions set out below, then perhaps now is the time to consider the capabilities and benefits of QaTraq Professional.

  • How are we progressing with the development of our test scripts/cases?
  • What does our current test case coverage look like?
  • Which high priority test cases should we be running first?
  • How do the test results, from the previous and current builds, compare?
  • Who wrote and who reviewed each test script?
  • How are we dealing with our regression testing responsibilities?
  • Are we prepared for compliance audits (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley)?

Managing the Test Process with QaTraq Professional

QaTraq Professional provides the foundation for test teams to create and update test scripts, test cases and test results. QaTraq Professional provides you with instant access to graphical reports, test script templating and other key functions. This all improves visibility of your testing and helps pin-point test case execution progress. Simple server installation, along with the web based user interface, means that your test team members have access to a central repository of test data wherever they might be working.

Key Benefits

  • Improve repeatability of test runs
  • Implement a test script review process
  • Create a formal release mechanism
  • Create reusable regression test script sets
  • Create and release multiple test scripts in one easy step
  • Import and Export Excel, Pdf or XML formated test cases
  • Use advanced Html editing facilities to edit documents
  • Over 30 key graphical test management reports

QaTraq Professional Capability List:

  • Create and manage thousands of test cases.
  • Link test cases to products and components under test.
  • Create test scripts from test cases along with their associated result records.
  • Define priorities for individual test cases within test scripts.
  • Group test scripts along with test design information.
  • Link all test scripts to your centrally stored Test Plans.
  • Assign test scripts to multiple users for test runs.
  • Attach results files, such as screen shots and test result data, to test result records.
  • Track linked document versions with ease.
  • Divide test scripts into those still under development, those ready for review and those ready for execution.
  • Where necessary enforce a test script review process.
  • Neatly link marked templates in Sets ready for execution.
  • Group test scripts into Sets for ease of management.
  • Deploy multiple test scripts across your team for different platforms and versions of your software/hardware.
  • View over 30 graphical test management reports
  • Advanced Html editing.
  • Import test cases in XML or Excel format.
  • Export test plans in XML, Excel or Pdf format.
  • Report on actual and estimated time to complete test runs