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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Function Points

Function Points and the Function Point Model are measurement tools to manage software. Function Points, with other business measures, become Software Metrics.
Function Points measure Software size. Function Points measure functionality by objectively measuring functional requirements. Function Points quantify and document assumptions in Estimating software development. Function Points and Function Point Analysis are objective; Function Points are consistent, and Function Points are auditable. Function Points are independent of technology. Function Points even apply regardless of design. But Function Points do not measure people directly. Function Points is a macro tool, not a micro tool. Function Points are the foundation of a Software Metrics program.
Software Metrics include Function Points as a normalizing factor for comparison. Function Points in conjunction with time yield Productivity Software Metrics. Function Points in conjunction with defects yield Quality Software Metrics. Function Points with costs provide Unit Cost, Return on Investment, and Efficiency Software Metrics, never before available.
Function Points connect Software Metrics to measure Risk. Function Points can verify Staffing metrics. Function Points can evaluate Build, Buy and/or Outsource decisions. Function Points combine with SEI CMM measures, TQM measures, Baldrige measures, ISO and/or other software and business measures to prove overall status and value.
Doing The Right Things!All of the above Software Metrics can prove your organization is Doing Things Right! But the real and biggest value of Function Points and Software Metrics is proving you are Doing The Right Things!
Function Points and Usage or Volume measures create Software Metrics that demonstrate an organization's ability to Leverage software's business impact. The Leverage of E Commerce is obvious, but until now unmeasured. Function Points support Customer Satisfaction measures to create Value Software Metrics. Function Points and Skill measures provide Software Metrics for Employee Service Level Agreements to meet current and future company skill needs. Function Points can even measure the Corporate Vision and generate Software Metrics to report progress toward meeting it.
Function Points, Function Point Analysis, the Function Point Model, Supplemental Software Measures, and the Software Metrics they generate, are only the third measure that transcend every part of every organization. (The other two are time and money.) Without them your organization is only two thirds whole.

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