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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Test Director Interview Questions ...

1.What is Test Director?
Its a Mercury interactive's Test management tool. It includes all the features we need to organize and manage the testing process.

2.What are all the main features of Test Director?
It enables us to create a database of tests,execute tests, report and track defects detected in the software.

3.How the assessment of the application will be taken place in Test Director?
As we test, Test Director allows us to continuously assess the status of our application by generating sophisticated reports and graphs. By integrating all tasks involved in software testing Test Director helps us to ensure that our software is ready for deployment.

4.What the planning tests will do in Test Director?
It is used to develop a test plan and create tests. This includes defining goals and strategy,designing tests,automating tests where beneficial and analyzing the plan.

5.What the running tests will do in Test Director?
It execute the test created in the planning test phase, and analyze the test results

6.What the tracking defects will do in Test Director?
It is used to monitor the software quality. It includes reporting defects,determining repair priorities,assigning tasks,and tracking repair progress

7.What are all the three main views available in What the running tests will do in Test Director?? Plan tests? Run tests?
Track defectsEach view includes all the tools we need to complete each phase of the testing process

8.What is test plan tree?
A test plan tree enables you to organize and display your test hierarchically,according to your testing requirements

9.What are all the contents of test plan tree?
Test plan tree can include several type of tests.
Manual test scripts Win Runner test scripts. Batch of Win Runner test scripts. Visual API test scripts. Load Runner scenario scripts and Vuser scripts

10.What is test step?
A test step includes the action to perform in our application,input to enter,and its expected output

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